Anesthesia and Patient Monitoring

Anesthesia and patient monitoring varies greatly among clinics. Feel free to discuss our anesthetic protocol with one of veterinarians. Anesthetics are chosen for reasons including their safety and their ability to control pain. While your pet is under anesthetic our veterinarian and technician will constantly be monitoring your pet's heart rate, respiratory rate, and depth of anesthesia

  • TranqulizationSedation


    Tranquilization or sedation is used to calm an animal under various conditions. The animal remains awake or may ‘sleep’ but is easily aroused when stimulated. Pet owners frequently request sedation…

  • GeneralAnesthesia

    General Anesthesia

    For some procedures, your pet will need to be administered general anesthesia so that he or she will be unconscious and not feel pain. Many pet owners worry about their…

  • LocalAnesthesia

    Local Anesthesia

    If your pet is having a minor surgical or diagnostic procedure performed, we sometimes use a local anesthetic to help control pain. For example, when we perform a biopsy (in…