One year ago, we lost a brilliant, compassionate, wonderful man and doctor.  Dr. Murray Smith was a man that taught so much, listened intently, guided with wisdom and never failed to be completely honest and sincere.  He was a quiet man but his pride spoke volumes when it came to his amazing wife, family and Parkdale Animal Hospital.

It’s a strange feeling to come to work each day and not see him because he is felt everywhere.  With each patient he treated, a memory was made that will always remain within the walls of Parkdale.  I know he is looking down and is still proud of us, I feel him every day encouraging me to carry on.  I know he is proud that we found the strength and courage to keep Parkdale strong and that we found a new owner he would be proud of as he does not want to change the foundation of Parkdale and what Murray created.

Dr. Smith will never be forgotten for the impressions that he created will be forever instilled on the hearts he impacted. His dedication to the profession, as well as to the people in his life, remains an inspiration to all of us.

~ Erin