Emergency and/or Extended Care

An emergency with your pet can be frightening experience. Anytime you feel you have a crisis situation with your pet call the office immediately for assistance. We hope you do not have to experience a medical emergency, but if you do, we are staffed and equipped to look after your needs. To ensure your pet can receive emergency care around the clock, Parkdale Animal Hospital is a member of the Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Waterloo Region. The Emergency Clinic can be reached whenever we are closed (including all evenings, weekends, and holidays) at (519) 650-1617.

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Continuous Care

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We understand that leaving your pet in someone else’s care can be a difficult thing to do. We would like to assure you that if your pet must be hospitalized to receive medical care, their condition will be closely monitored and every effort will be made to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. In many circumstances we may be able to arrange times for you to come in to visit your pet and you’re invited to call anytime for an update on your pet. If your pet has a serious condition that requires close monitoring through the night, they may be transferred to the Emergency Clinic where they would be under constant observation.

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24-Hour Emergency Service

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Anytime you feel you have a medical emergency with your pet, please call our office immediately for instructions. During our regular business hours, a veterinarian is always on call to serve you. If you have an emergency after our regular hours, the Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Waterloo Region is available to care for your pet. With the partnership of Parkdale Animal Hospital and the Emergency Veterinary Clinic, your pet has access to around the clock care. The Emergency Clinic is located at 405 Maple Grove Road (unit 14), Cambridge. To reach them by phone call (519) 650-1617.