Canine Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is an invaluable tool in veterinary medicine as it can greatly improve your pet’s quality of life by ensuring they stay active and mobile for as long as possible. It involves using manual therapies and home exercises to help build and maintain muscle mass, as well as, improve flexibility. Rehabilitation is beneficial in pets after orthopedic surgery, pets with reduced mobility and muscle loss from arthritis and for certain neurological conditions. We can help you determine if rehabilitation is right for your pet.

Parasite protection is something every pet owner should know about. Parasites can cause your pet to suffer with everything from diarrhea and hair loss to anemia. If left untreated, parasites can develop into a very serious health concern for your pet. Some parasites can also be transmitted from pets to people. This type of parasite is called “zoonotic”. We offer a wide variety of safe and effective preventive options to protect both your pet and your home form parasites.