Dr. Dr. Mary Lichti

Vet holding cat


Like most veterinarians, Dr. Lichti loved animals from a young age. As she progressed through school she discovered that she also had a keen interest in science. In university Dr. Lichti realized how much she enjoyed the practical application of science to assist both agricultural animals and people with their pets. She graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2003. Dr. Lichti has practiced at local clinics on a part-time basis while enjoying her young and growing family. She began her time with Parkdale Animal Hospital in May of 2010. Dr. Lichti lives with her husband and four young children on their family dairy farm. As well as managing the reproductive work of the farm’s dairy heifers, Dr. Lichti is kept active with her large vegetable garden and all the activity of a young family. Their family pets include Tango and Max, both who started as barn-cats but have been promoted (and they think rightly so) to household cats. The newest addition is “Farful the farm dog” (a hound cross) who was adopted from a family who could no longer care for him. Dr. Lichti brings enthusiasm and sincere warmth to our practice and she looks forward to caring for your pet’s needs.

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