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    This office has something special about it. All who work here are so loving and caring. We never met the original vet who’s practice this was but he set a atmosphere of true love for animals that is felt in every person who works here. The new vets are just as amazing to us. Dr Jonathan went thru a horrible time with our Minnie being so ill. We will never forget how gently and caring he held her in his arms and wrapped her in her blanket. We were devastated to loose our girl but felt total caring and sympathy from the doctor and the staff. When not only did our Minnie need care and love these kind people gave love and care to us. We are thrilled with this vet and know our new baby Rosie will be spayed with the upmost care. Our Bailey and Madison and cat Ivy all enjoy their visits here.

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    Just was thinking today how blessed Katie is to have humans understand her… especially her Doc… Uyede!

    Last week Katie needed blood work (just for heart worm).

    When the Vet tech started to try and find a vein… she began her usual low “growl” that says she’s comfortable and okay with things… but those who don’t know her think it’s a real growl.

    Before I could even mention it to the new Vet Tech… Doc Uyede said “that’s normal… it’s just the way she breathes… she’s super sweet and is fine”

    Having her Doc understand her quirks and not question her “unique” sounds is so great!

    Parkdale is the BEST!

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    Parkdale is the only team I entrust my furry family to 

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    Love this vet. Very friendly service to people and pets, they really know their stuff!

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    The Parkdale team is fantastic! They are so warm, friendly and just wonderful with your furry family members 🙂 So passionate and knowledgeable and go above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable and safe. Thank you!!!

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    We have entrusted the care of our beloved dogs to Parkdale Animal Hospital for over 20 years. We deeply miss Murray but Dr Uyede is doing a marvelous job of filling his big shoes! When we had to let go and say goodbye to our beloved
    Lucy, Brady and Mirage the staff couldn’t have been more kind. Thanks to Jonathan, Barb, Mary, Erin and all the other wonderful staff who are so good to our Nanette with all her “issues” and are so kind and gentle with her on our many visits. Theresa and Al